Employee compensation claims usually arise upon termination but can also occur during the course of one’s employment.

In determining what someone’s wrongful dismissal is worth, one of the first things to get nailed down is what the employee was being paid. An employee’s compensation is derived from all sources. These would include an employee’s total compensation entitlements, including an employee’s base salary, bonuses, car allowance, cell phone allowance, benefit contributions, RRSP or pension contributions, stock options, stock or equity grants, and clothing allowances.

Accrued entitlements such as earned wages and vacation pay comprise individual compensation entitlements. These earned entitlements have special status, and other enforcement options may be available other statutes such as the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA).

Employers will typically try to negotiate with an unsuspecting terminated employee and seek to offer 12 months of base salary to resolve their employment claims. In most cases, this is but a fraction of what the employee’s case is worth. Employers, like casinos, aren’t there to give money away; always get legal advice from an experienced employment lawyer.

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