The law relating to the enforceability of employment contracts clearly favours employees and executives and continues to evolve almost daily in significant and meaningful ways. Recently, the Ontario courts made a series of decisions which provide employees and executives with new and powerful arguments to successfully challenge the enforceability or validity of an employment contract, in whole or in part.

Typically, an employment contract is only helpful to an employer. It is primarily a means of limiting their financial exposure when an employee is terminated. Employment contracts can also place restrictions on an employee or make them legally liable for specific actions post-termination, with significant legal exposure for damages if they violate the agreement.

Clients often seek advice regarding the impact of their existing employment contract restrictions if they quit and seek to work for a competitor. These issues must be carefully reviewed before anything is finalized, ideally before meaningful discussions are held with the new employer.

Knowing the law and how to build a persuasive argument (for opposing counsel and the courts) relating to the validity or enforceability of an employment contract or termination provisions can dramatically impact the value of an employee’s case upon the termination of employment.

Employment Contract Professional Review and Legal Advice

John’s extensive experience allows him to quickly and efficiently determine the areas in an employment contract which fall far below what is fair and reasonable. Harsh terms in an otherwise enforceable contract may handcuff an employee or executive down the road. Many contracts don’t adequately protect an employee or executive’s rights, either now or in the future — when it matters most. The time to negotiate safeguards and protections in a contract is before it is too late. A professional review of your agreement can give you peace of mind and preserve your legal rights.

Employment Contract Lawyer

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With 30 years of experience as a practising litigation/employment/labour lawyer, John is focused on achieving the very best results for his clients. He has fine-tuned his skills and mastered the art of persuasion. With his stellar reputation, John holds the respect of the lawyers he acts against. Smart, tactical and a particularly quick study, John is committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations.

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