Employees and executives may need advice regarding pension-related issues. Pension issues can arise while someone is employed after they depart and even long after they have departed. Given that the regulation of pension obligations is a creature of statute, most times, the traditional two-year time limit doesn’t apply.

Pension entitlements upon severance can significantly impact the value of an employee’s future pension entitlements and vesting requirements. How monies are characterized in any settlement for pension contributions can dramatically affect your future income from a tax perspective.

Employees unfamiliar with their rights sometimes ignore or walk away from pension entitlements when they are severed from employment.

Pension contributions (in whole or part) which are paid into a registered pension plan by an employer, form part of an employee’s overall compensation entitlements. Many unrepresented parties fail to appreciate or go after pension claims, and significant sums of money are lost.

Pension law is a particularly thorny area of the law. Not all lawyers know or appreciate how pensions work and how they are regulated in Ontario and Canada. John has been involved with numerous pension disputes over the years involving, among others, challenging class action settlements on behalf of beneficiaries, securing additional pension contributions over the life of the notice period, negotiating lump sum payments for lost pension entitlements, and ensuring that such payments are treated properly from a tax perspective is critical. John has retained actuaries in the past for clients to calculate pension entitlements and, more importantly, maximize their returns at the end of the day.

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With 30 years of experience as a practising litigation/employment/labour lawyer, John is focused on achieving the very best results for his clients. He has fine-tuned his skills and mastered the art of persuasion. With his stellar reputation, John holds the respect of the lawyers he acts against. Smart, tactical and a particularly quick study, John is committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations.

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