Over his career, John has been involved in numerous group actions/claims. These typically occur when there is a mass lay-off or termination of a large group of employees. When these occur, it is usually a sign of a significant financial problem with the Employer. If there is a threat of mass or group lay-offs/terminations, do not delay in seeking advice and assistance – time, as time is of the essence for these types of claims, before all the company assets are gone.

Employment claims are primarily contractual disputes. Employment contracts can either be expressed or implied. Even where there is no written employment contract, the law imposes an implied contract from the surrounding facts and circumstances. Collateral claims relating to statutory and civil wrongs or tort claims can also arise in an employment dispute.

Class actions, group claims and individual claims can involve contractual, civil and statutory causes of action.

Group litigation or class actions on behalf of employees may arise in many ways, such as when an Employer fails or refuses to pay overtime or statutory pay, forces employees to work off the clock or provide employment services for free. Provable patterns of group discrimination, including systemic discrimination cases, based on sex, race, creed, colour, age or disability, or any other analogous ground of discrimination as set out in the Human Rights Code may also give rise to a potential group litigation or class action.

A class action is usually commenced where the class of affected claimants cannot be readily ascertained, found or served. Where the group is known, a single group action can be initiated for the group. Alternatively, you can issue and serve numerous individual claims related to the same subject matter and then commence a joinder motion, to join them all together before a single Judge, to be heard one after the other or as the Judge otherwise determines.

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With 30 years of experience as a practising litigation/employment/labour lawyer, John is focused on achieving the very best results for his clients. He has fine-tuned his skills and mastered the art of persuasion. With his stellar reputation, John holds the respect of the lawyers he acts against. Smart, tactical and a particularly quick study, John is committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations.

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